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Rachel writes: Third of five thesis chapters complete!

I am happy to report that I have completed three of five thesis chapters. Last week I received the third chapter back with comments from my thesis director; this weekend I have been preparing  to start the fourth chapter. Are any of you incorporating translated material into your work? In my case, one aspect of […]

Rachel writes: ALM humanities thesis writers, planners, procrastinators–take note!

Are you an ALM candidate in the humanities who is thinking about thesis topics? Have you begun your research, or are you almost ready to submit your thesis proposal? Consider attending the monthly proposal-and-thesis-writers discussion group! If you have completed fewer than 6 courses, there are 2 “orientation” meetings this academic year you can attend–today, […]

Rachel writes: Coursework complete for ALM degree!

Hard to believe as of May 10 I have finished all of my coursework toward my ALM in Visual Arts! Now the thesis proposal writing and research process begins in earnest, over the summer. Speaking of which, on Tuesday May 17, there will be a Thesis Presentation Forum with graduating Extension School students presenting their […]

Rachel writes: Il pleure dans mon coeur (un petit peu seulement)

“Il pleure dans mon coeur Comme il pleut sur la ville; Quelle est cette langueur Qui pénètre mon coeur ?” I will tell you what this “langueur” is–I am sure it’s quite close to what Verlaine must have felt when he wrote the above lines . . . last meeting of my Saturday seminar was […]

Rachel writes: Secret history

Two final projects to work on. My Saturday seminar ends a bit early, on April 23, when my final project for that course is due. I am still researching and have begun writing. Spending quite a bit of time in both Widener and the Fine Arts libraries. The weather in the Boston area at this […]

Rachel writes: I have been pre-approved

I am now well into my last semester of coursework towards my ALM degree in Visual Arts. Therefore, since I have a Saturday morning seminar which meets on Brattle Street, directly across the road from Burdick’s chocolate shop (you see the logic), I am exploiting the fateful coincidence by arriving a bit early and rewarding […]

Rachel writes: Unassuming object meets irresistible force

I learned some interesting things at the talk given by Professors Ivan Gaskell and Robert Scanlan at the Sackler Museum last week. One small oil sketch by Rubens, in a gilt baroque frame (still on view at the Sackler), is but the tip of a conceptual iceberg. Gaskell & Scanlan told about the monumental triumphal […]

Rachel writes: Fiddling around with Nero and Rubens

Over the next week or two, though I have a lot of writing and research to do for my last two papers, I plan on attending some of the events of the Harvard Art Museum. Many events are free, and admission to the Sackler (where the following events will be held) is free for Harvard […]

Brandon writes: Sabra Grill, “Healthy food for those who care”

When a friend takes you to a new place to eat and that place has exactly the food you love, you know you have a good friend.  Maureen Worth proved this point beautifully when she guided my wife, Mihoko and I to Sabra Grill for dinner one evening in Harvard Square.  Sabra Grill is Middle-Eastern, […]

Brandon writes: Friends in Hi-tech places

Do you have a project that would be great if only you had… Still Cameras Video Cameras (HD & SD) Zoom Audio Recorders Card Readers 3 Point Lighting Kits Tripods Tablets (Wacom Bamboo) Boom Microphones/ Lavaliere  Mics Wired and Wireless Kits Mac Pro computers souped-up with the best 3D graphics cards and loads of RAM […]