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Rachel writes: “Structured Procrastination”–I’ll get to that eventually!

Have you ever wondered why, when you have a research paper to write, you suddenly get the urge to clean the refrigerator? Easy: because by comparison, psychologists tell us, a simple task permits gratification more quickly than a complex one. The fridge-cleaning lends an easily managed emotional snapshot of the sense of accomplishment which we […]

Brandon writes – Improvisational Acting speaks to the mind AND the Body

Improvisational Acting (DRAM E-21), brought to you by ninja master Thomas Derrah, is one-of-those-courses from which everyone in the whole world can benefit. No doubt someone will say, “Will improvisational acting really help me get a job?” and my improvised gut-reaction is “YES, improvisational acting will help you get a job AND, more importantly, improvisational acting will help […]

Brandon writes: Vote for your favorite teacher!

CONGRATULATIONS to Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) President Philip Harding for his successful reelection! And Philip is already back to work bringing us The Student Choice Awards, a beautiful opportunity to give thanks to your favorite Harvard Extension School faculty member. Here are the details and from HESA website: The Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) […]

Brandon writes: Relax and Feel Good this summer!

Click the image above or this link to watch my Relax and Feel Good video. If you are looking for a class to take this summer, consider taking CSCI S-24 Video Editing and Digital Design with instructor Allyson Sherlock. The class rocks! More specifically, Allyson rocks! In one semester you will learn how to edit […]

Sol G. Says, “Evaluate your courses!”

Yes, I’m studying for a midterm. But did you know that Boston National Park is right here, with an events calendar to help you find something to do? One thing that I highly recommend is the midnight storytelling program. At midnight, participants get to retrace Paul Revere’s ride, learning what actually happened. Hint: the poem was not the whole story.

Jennifer Doody writes: One Night. One Harvard. – The Story Behind the Hugely Successful Harvard Masquerade Ball

More than 500 members of the Harvard community—including students, alumni, staff and administrators—came together on Friday, December 3, 2010 for the inaugural Harvard Masquerade Ball. Taking place at the exclusive Harvard Club of Boston, guests donned festive masquerade masks, ranging from the simple to the dazzling.  Attendees dined on sumptuous desserts as they danced into […]

Rachel writes: I have been pre-approved

I am now well into my last semester of coursework towards my ALM degree in Visual Arts. Therefore, since I have a Saturday morning seminar which meets on Brattle Street, directly across the road from Burdick’s chocolate shop (you see the logic), I am exploiting the fateful coincidence by arriving a bit early and rewarding […]

Sol G writes: Listening club, you say? Also, check out HESA Connect!

If you haven’t checked out the new HESA connect site, I strongly encourage it. The interface is intuitive, and you can use you address to sign up. I find it a little too facebookish in some ways, but it’s clearly gaining momentum, and it’s actually pretty good. There are a lot of ways to customize your experience there, and boards for some of the interesting courses and groups. One of the things I found that interested me was the possibility of a Listening club forming.

Sol writes: Welcome back, welcome in

All right, so we’ve had a summer. No one did as much as they wanted, no one got enough sleep, all of us are overworked and underpatient, and here we are again! Let’s talk getting ready for school. You registered for classes, – what, you didn’t yet?

Brandon writes: Harvard Extension Environmental Club 2010 Canoe Trip

Harvard Extension Environmental Club (HEEC) president, “The” Mike Mahoney, hosted a wicked-fun canoe trip and BBQ last weekend in Hanover Massachusetts.  After eight miles of canoeing through pristine wetlands, Mahoney grilled up a feast in the garden of Eden, A.K.A. Mahoney’s back yard, which is home to countless plants and over three hundred varieties of […]