Rachel writes: ALM humanities thesis writers, planners, procrastinators–take note!

Are you an ALM candidate in the humanities who is thinking about thesis topics? Have you begun your research, or are you almost ready to submit your thesis proposal?

Consider attending the monthly proposal-and-thesis-writers discussion group!

If you have completed fewer than 6 courses, there are 2 “orientation” meetings this academic year you can attend–today, Wed Aug 17, and then Mon Jan 30 in the spring semester. I’ve been to one (last year) and found that it sort of put my thesis schedule on my mental map, so to speak, and seemed to forge a realistic dimension to the notion of actually planning and writing the thesis! (Am I mashing metaphors?)

If you’ve finished at least 6 of your courses, please join any of the meetings (schedule copied below).

All meetings will take place from 5:30–7:00 PM at 51 Brattle Street in Cambridge, in the Grossman Common Room. No need to RSVP. Dean Sue Schopf leads the discussion for this humanities group. Please see <http://www.extension.harvard.edu/degrees-certificates/master-liberal-arts/degree-requirements/thesis&gt; for notices of meetings for other academic areas or to find contact information for your research advisor.

Here’s the humanities group schedule:

August 17, Wednesday (fall orientation meeting, Grossman Common Room)
September 27, Tuesday
October 25, Tuesday
November 21, Monday
December 19, Monday
January 30, Monday (spring orientation meeting)
February 23, Thursday
March 29, Thursday
April 26, Thursday
June 19, Tuesday

I heard a rumor that there could be coffee and cookies available, so you can potentially drown some of your anxieties in a civilized manner.

Hope to see some of you there!

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