Rachel writes: I have been pre-approved

I am now well into my last semester of coursework towards my ALM degree in Visual Arts. Therefore, since I have a Saturday morning seminar which meets on Brattle Street, directly across the road from Burdick’s chocolate shop (you see the logic), I am exploiting the fateful coincidence by arriving a bit early and rewarding myself in advance with a pre-approved chocolate croissant or a cappuccino.

On another note, I have begun thinking about my thesis as well. I met with Dean Schopf for an initial chat, which was truly delightful. Her office is a wonderland of picture postcards, amazing literary tschotkes, and a variety of visually striking cultural artifacts. The next phase in the process is therefore underway officially, though I won’t start my thesis proposal in earnest until late spring/early summer.

To have come this far is both wonderful and sad. Still much work ahead of course, but I realize how fond I am of my Harvard experience, how much it has meant to me over the past few years, and how much I will miss attending classes and all that it entails.


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