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Sol G. Writes, “Getting Ready For Fall 2012.”

…one of the things to talk about in getting ready for fall is assessing exactly what you are going to be able to do, since only you know the circumstances of your life.

Rachel writes: “Structured Procrastination”–I’ll get to that eventually!

Have you ever wondered why, when you have a research paper to write, you suddenly get the urge to clean the refrigerator? Easy: because by comparison, psychologists tell us, a simple task permits gratification more quickly than a complex one. The fridge-cleaning lends an easily managed emotional snapshot of the sense of accomplishment which we […]

Sol G. Writes: It’s time! Let’s get started!

I’m so excited. We’re back! It’s the end of August, we’re all scrambling to get into classes and trying to remember how we ever had time last spring. I’m signed up for the psychology of creativity class highlighted this semester on the main page

Brandon writes: Vote for your favorite teacher!

CONGRATULATIONS to Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) President Philip Harding for his successful reelection! And Philip is already back to work bringing us The Student Choice Awards, a beautiful opportunity to give thanks to your favorite Harvard Extension School faculty member. Here are the details and from HESA website: The Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) […]

Rachel writes: Savoring spring semester

Spring term. “Spring” seems a misnomer amidst the frozen pipes, icy sidewalks, and faux-fur hats here in the American Northeast, but I’m embarking on the last two classes I need to complete my coursework for my Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) degree, after which I will write a thesis. My concentration is Visual Arts, and […]

Sol G: New Year, New Ideas, New Strategies

The people here are amazing; I’m really grateful to my last class, it will provide perspective that changes my entire career. I want to encourage you to speak up everywhere you’re offered a chance, in class, because I’m in the next row paying attention and thinking about what you say. You never know when somoene’s chance comment might change your way of thinking, and you never know when yours will change someone else’s.

Rachel writes: Scan & deliver

  If you have a Harvard ID and PIN for online library access, you can take advantage of the “scan & deliver” service. Book chapters or journal articles will be custom-scanned and delivered to you by email. After you’ve searched for a title in the Hollis catalog, look for the “scan & deliver” link in […]

Brandon writes: Smarter pen – “never miss a word” of Harvard Extension classes

Extension school classes are often recorded and offered online which allows students the wonderful ability to revisit the lectures at a later date. Having recorded lectures is particularly helpful for exam preparation, but what if you take a class that is not offered online, how will you ace the exam if you don’t have class […]

Sol G. Writes: Distance Classes are Great, but Don’t Lose Track of Deadlines!

I’m in Abnormal Psych this semester, and I’m taking it online. For those of you who’ve never done this, let me tell you about it, because it’s a very convenient way to take a class if you just can’t schedule it any other way.

Rachel Writes: Hurry Slowly

We are now several weeks into the fall semester. What’s different for me this time is that I have two courses rather than my usual single course, and both courses are online–I have not been in Harvard Yard once yet this semester, though I do plan to visit two of the libraries today. Even if […]