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Sol G. Writes, “Getting Ready For Fall 2012.”

…one of the things to talk about in getting ready for fall is assessing exactly what you are going to be able to do, since only you know the circumstances of your life.

Rachel writes: Third of five thesis chapters complete!

I am happy to report that I have completed three of five thesis chapters. Last week I received the third chapter back with comments from my thesis director; this weekend I have been preparing  to start the fourth chapter. Are any of you incorporating translated material into your work? In my case, one aspect of […]

Rachel writes: Writing the ALM thesis–two of five chapters complete!

So far I’ve written two chapters (of five planned) of my ALM thesis, submitted them to my thesis director, and received them back with comments. I’m now working on my third chapter. My schedule allows for one chapter per month, so I plan on finishing all of the writing by mid-April. My thesis director prefers […]

Brandon writes – Improvisational Acting speaks to the mind AND the Body

Improvisational Acting (DRAM E-21), brought to you by ninja master Thomas Derrah, is one-of-those-courses from which everyone in the whole world can benefit. No doubt someone will say, “Will improvisational acting really help me get a job?” and my improvised gut-reaction is “YES, improvisational acting will help you get a job AND, more importantly, improvisational acting will help […]

Sol G. Writes: It’s time! Let’s get started!

I’m so excited. We’re back! It’s the end of August, we’re all scrambling to get into classes and trying to remember how we ever had time last spring. I’m signed up for the psychology of creativity class highlighted this semester on the main page

Rachel writes: ALM humanities thesis writers, planners, procrastinators–take note!

Are you an ALM candidate in the humanities who is thinking about thesis topics? Have you begun your research, or are you almost ready to submit your thesis proposal? Consider attending the monthly proposal-and-thesis-writers discussion group! If you have completed fewer than 6 courses, there are 2 “orientation” meetings this academic year you can attend–today, […]

Rachel writes: summer greetings!

August: A follow-up ALM thesis-topic meeting with Dean Sue Schopf the other day yielded a more-or less solid plan–I’ll flesh out my proposal for submission by about Sept 1. My current idea is not at all what I started out researching at the end of May, though you could say there is a connection. The […]

Brandon writes: Vote for your favorite teacher!

CONGRATULATIONS to Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) President Philip Harding for his successful reelection! And Philip is already back to work bringing us The Student Choice Awards, a beautiful opportunity to give thanks to your favorite Harvard Extension School faculty member. Here are the details and from HESA website: The Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) […]

Brandon writes: Relax and Feel Good this summer!

Click the image above or this link to watch my Relax and Feel Good video. If you are looking for a class to take this summer, consider taking CSCI S-24 Video Editing and Digital Design with instructor Allyson Sherlock. The class rocks! More specifically, Allyson rocks! In one semester you will learn how to edit […]

Rachel writes: Secret history

Two final projects to work on. My Saturday seminar ends a bit early, on April 23, when my final project for that course is due. I am still researching and have begun writing. Spending quite a bit of time in both Widener and the Fine Arts libraries. The weather in the Boston area at this […]