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Harvard Extension School – Bachelor of Liberal Arts (ALB), concentration in Environmental Management, in progress
Columbia University, New York – Architecture
School of Visual Arts, New York – Design

N2DKQ – Cofounder of Design and Manufacturing Studio
Peter Marino Architect, NY – Model Builder
Robert Rhodes Associates Architects, NY – Design Consultant

Superfluous and Super-functional:

My father died of brain cancer when I was twelve years old. I cried, I laughed and then I went on living, but subconsciously I was changed. I am a risk taker, sky diving, bungee jumping, sign me up, but underneath that is a desire to live a healthy life, one that will be different from my father’s so that I may live to be nearly 96 or more as my grandmother just did. I dropped out of college twice, both times dissatisfied with the lack of real importance in the material I was learning. What does it matter if you are a great designer if your home is so full of toxins you can’t live to enjoy designing? I originally came to Harvard Extension School to study finance, thinking money would allow me some power to buy health (organic groceries and everything healthy seems to cost more) but through the wonderful admissions advisor Ann Wright I also took an elective course in environmental management. I scored a B+ in Finance and an A in Environment and since the grades were just a reflection of my interest and my strengths I have since continued with the environmental management track and have never been so happy with school and education as I am now. The professors at Harvard are like roller-coaster rides for your brain; you will be thrilled to the point of exhaustion and then you will want to go for another ride!

I must add that my mother never gave up in her argument for the importance of education and that without her tirelessly inviting me back into the system for another try I would not have made it here. It will be one of her proudest days to see me graduate and I look forward to giving her that day:)

Brandon writes – Improvisational Acting speaks to the mind AND the Body

Improvisational Acting (DRAM E-21), brought to you by ninja master Thomas Derrah, is one-of-those-courses from which everyone in the whole world can benefit. No doubt someone will say, “Will improvisational acting really help me get a job?” and my improvised gut-reaction is “YES, improvisational acting will help you get a job AND, more importantly, improvisational acting will help […]

Brandon writes: Vote for your favorite teacher!

CONGRATULATIONS to Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) President Philip Harding for his successful reelection! And Philip is already back to work bringing us The Student Choice Awards, a beautiful opportunity to give thanks to your favorite Harvard Extension School faculty member. Here are the details and from HESA website: The Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) […]

Brandon writes: Relax and Feel Good this summer!

Click the image above or this link to watch my Relax and Feel Good video. If you are looking for a class to take this summer, consider taking CSCI S-24 Video Editing and Digital Design with instructor Allyson Sherlock. The class rocks! More specifically, Allyson rocks! In one semester you will learn how to edit […]

Brandon writes: Vote for Philip Harding for Coop Board before April 25th!

Please vote for my friend and fellow student Philip Harding! He is running for one of the coveted board of directors seats at the Harvard Coop, and based on his outstanding work as President of the Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA), bringing us epic events like the Harvard Masquerade!!!!, we know he will also be […]

Jennifer Doody writes: One Night. One Harvard. – The Story Behind the Hugely Successful Harvard Masquerade Ball

More than 500 members of the Harvard community—including students, alumni, staff and administrators—came together on Friday, December 3, 2010 for the inaugural Harvard Masquerade Ball. Taking place at the exclusive Harvard Club of Boston, guests donned festive masquerade masks, ranging from the simple to the dazzling.  Attendees dined on sumptuous desserts as they danced into […]

Brandon writes: Smarter pen – “never miss a word” of Harvard Extension classes

Extension school classes are often recorded and offered online which allows students the wonderful ability to revisit the lectures at a later date. Having recorded lectures is particularly helpful for exam preparation, but what if you take a class that is not offered online, how will you ace the exam if you don’t have class […]

Brandon writes: Choosing courses with the course evaluation data website

What classes will you take? Still not 100% sure? Neither am I, but here is a tool (available if you’ve been admitted to a degree program) that helped me make the choices a little bit easier: the new Harvard Extension Course Evaluation data website (student user name and password required). To access the course evaluation […]

Brandon writes: Advice for prospective undergraduate students

Click the image above or this link to watch an excerpt from the Harvard Extension Info Session 2010. I recount a handful of my first experiences at Harvard Extension, touching briefly on a few topics: – Meeting with advisors – Expository writing during summer school – The writing center Enjoy! And please feel free to […]

Brandon writes: Harvard Extension Environmental Club 2010 Canoe Trip

Harvard Extension Environmental Club (HEEC) president, “The” Mike Mahoney, hosted a wicked-fun canoe trip and BBQ last weekend in Hanover Massachusetts.  After eight miles of canoeing through pristine wetlands, Mahoney grilled up a feast in the garden of Eden, A.K.A. Mahoney’s back yard, which is home to countless plants and over three hundred varieties of […]

Brandon writes: Play for 20 minutes before your next exam

Dr. Ratey, a professor of the Harvard Medical School, has demonstrated the scientific connection between exercise and brain performance. Watch this video to see Dr. Ratey’s findings in action at Naperville Central High School. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Paul Zientarski, the PE Coordinator at Naperville, and he offers this advice, “Before […]