Brandon writes: Smarter pen – “never miss a word” of Harvard Extension classes

Extension school classes are often recorded and offered online which allows students the wonderful ability to revisit the lectures at a later date. Having recorded lectures is particularly helpful for exam preparation, but what if you take a class that is not offered online, how will you ace the exam if you don’t have class recordings to help you study? Thanks to an ingenious man, Jim Marggraff, from “the school down the street” (MIT) there is a perfect solution; enter the Livescribe Echo Smartpen, a pen which digitally records every word said during the lecture and every note you take during class and synchronizes them perfectly together.  This pen is so magical it is hard to describe it’s features, so let me just point you to their website where you can watch the clear product videos: There tag line is “Never Miss a Word!” and after using the echo smartpen for two months, I can agree the pen lives up to the promise. Check it out and please leave me a comment if the smart pen has helped you.

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