Brandon writes: Vote for Philip Harding for Coop Board before April 25th!

Please vote for my friend and fellow student Philip Harding! He is running for one of the coveted board of directors seats at the Harvard Coop, and based on his outstanding work as President of the Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA), bringing us epic events like the Harvard Masquerade!!!!, we know he will also be the rockstar of the coop board when elected. And he WILL be elected because YOU and I are VOTING for him!

Here is Philip Harding with the details on voting:


“Hello fellow students!

I need your support!!

Vote Philip Harding for Harvard/MIT Coop Board of Directors! Go to — Let’s get the first Harvard Extension student on the board!

A BIG thank you to all the students who signed the petition to get on the ballot, but NOW it’s voting time! If you are in a degree program, and have paid your Coop member dues (still $1) — give me a #1 on the ballot. If you aren’t a Coop member yet, you can signup online at — should only take 60 seconds.

After you vote, please help spread the word to all your Harvard and MIT friends… Tweet, text, Facebook, email… send them to — Thanks!!

Email me with any questions or if you have trouble voting.

Have a fantastic weekend! -Philip H.


Thank you for voting for Philip! If you haven’t met  him in person, I would recommend signing up for emails from HESA Connect and attending one of the upcoming student events!

Brandon 🙂

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