Brandon writes: Harvard Extension Environmental Club 2010 Canoe Trip

Harvard Extension Environmental Club (HEEC) president, “The” Mike Mahoney, hosted a wicked-fun canoe trip and BBQ last weekend in Hanover Massachusetts.  After eight miles of canoeing through pristine wetlands, Mahoney grilled up a feast in the garden of Eden, A.K.A. Mahoney’s back yard, which is home to countless plants and over three hundred varieties of conifer. The conversation was lively thanks to the presence of great Harvard Extension characters like, “the-man-behind-the-camera” of distance courses, Steve Gilbert, and famed Environmental Management II instructor Zach Zevitas.

The canoe trip came with an unexpected bonus – a rope-swing ! Click the image below or click this link to watch the highlight video! Warren Anderson, our resident strong-man, led the way on the rope-swing, followed by yours truly; busting my face a few times before nailing a clean back-flip off the rope…seeing is believing;D

If you love getting wild in-the-wild then get in on the upcoming HEEC events; join the HEEC mailing list by contacting the lovely Kathryn Teissier:

Next time we meet, we will be outdoors, miles away from a computer!


  1. Artur G Vieira
    Posted July 1, 2010 at 5:43 pm | Permalink

    Hi I am an interesting case, of environmental enthusiast… I have design some self sustainable systems of farming that are very cheap and practical to build and run on electrical solar power. I am interested in getting to provide this tool of farming to undeveloped nations internationally. In a probono, non-profit and/or not-for-profit manner. Hope you are interested, I am planning to attemd Harvard Extention School here in the fall. please contact me at my email address for more info.

    • Posted July 1, 2010 at 8:19 pm | Permalink


      Thank you for your reply! With your sustainable farming background it sounds like you will feel right at home in the mix of environmentalists working and studying at Harvard.

      The classes are a great way to connect with new people who share your interests and could team up with you to make your business plans come together.


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