Brandon writes – Improvisational Acting speaks to the mind AND the Body

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Improvisational Acting (DRAM E-21), brought to you by ninja master Thomas Derrah, is one-of-those-courses from which everyone in the whole world can benefit. No doubt someone will say, “Will improvisational acting really help me get a job?” and my improvised gut-reaction is “YES, improvisational acting will help you get a job AND, more importantly, improvisational acting will help you get a LIFE!” ;D

Enroll first day of early registration because this course is limited enrollment and fills up fast. Note: When you enroll in a degree program you are given the advantage of early registration.

Thank you to Harvard Extension Alumnus, Ricardo, for telling me about this course! AND Thank you to Tommy, Tyler, Alex, Allysa, Beliz, Jack, Julia, Kurt, Lauren, Lindsey, Lucy, Luke, Max, Mook, Nastasia, Pavlo, Sami, Sarah, Shiraz, and Stanley, the motley crew of  international classmates that made this Harvard summer truly EPIC! …AND may this blog post count as my official request to have more classes of this ilk in the future of Harvard.

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