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I have always enjoyed the environment of academia. From 1988 to 1992 I attended Smith College, graduating with a degree in Classics. What I enjoyed about translating from the ancient texts were the stories of politics and life that haven’t much changed in thousands of years.

After many years of working in politics I felt I needed more to stimulate my mind and my paycheck. In order to improve my level of salary and satisfy my hunger for knowledge, I needed to return to school. Of course finding a job that allowed you the flexibility to leave the office in time to go to class and one that paid for your tuition was difficult. A few months into my job search I was hired by Boston University. After a six month waiting period I began taking classes in earnest. I took one class every Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and Summer 2. It was so exciting to be back in class. In all I took 10 high-level math courses and 4 software engineering courses.

On July 2, 2003 I received a call from a previous employer offering a job. My only stipulation for accepting the offer was that they pay for tuition at Harvard University. He said, “Harvard?” I said, “Harvard or I’m not interested.” I began my new job four months later and took my first class at the Harvard University Extension School in the Spring of 2004. It was so exciting to be taking a course in Harvard Yard!

I was admitted to the program on May 5, 2006. Of the twelve required courses for the ALM in IT degree I took five on campus and seven on-line.

I would never have been able to follow my educational pursuits had my husband not been such a strong supporter. I will admit some courses have been so challenging that I have been brought to tears. My husband has always been able to provide the balance I need to make the next hurdle. I plan to reward his patience and understanding as soon as I finish my last class this Fall.

Lilli writes: mapping project complete!

Lilli writes: Next Chapter

Thank you for reading my little blogs. I enjoyed passing on the few tips I picked up along the way over the last 6 years at Harvard’s Extension School. I can’t believe it is over for me as a student. I feel pleased, accomplished, tired and actually kind of sad that it is over. I […]

Lilli writes: Final Project is interesting and hopefully legal

If you read my last update, you know I am working on a GIS project about the Emergency Planning Zone for the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant.  I think it is possible that I may be the reason that Seabrook tested its alarm system today, which is the second test it has performed in about 30 […]

Lilli writes: Mid-Semester Status Report

Procrastination can take many forms… the house, working out, making dinner, writing your blog……. Sorry for missing you the last few weeks.  It was necessary for my success in taking my last exam and developing my final “Final Project” idea to avoid any form of procrastination available to me.  As you can see from my […]

Lilli writes: Course Warnings

“The time commitment for this course is intense. Do not take this class if you have a job, if you are married, if you have children or if you have a dog.”

Lilli writes: Challenges of Team Projects

At my desk I want to begin by saying that I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with one amazing teammate, Matthew H.  Serendipity brought us together.  Actually, it was the XML course we took together. When it was time to pick teams, I used the course discussion board and put out an […]

Lilli writes: If it was easy, everyone would go to Harvard

Every semester while selecting the next class, working until the wee hours of the evening on homework, or spending hours of precious time making your code perfect, I often get nervous and exhausted.  My husband always cheers me up with the comment, “if it was easy, everyone would go to Harvard.” Just remember that although the course work […]

Lilli writes: Me? A social networker?

My husband brought my attention to page 5 of the recent Alumni Bulletin (which is not yet posted on-line).  It talks about the blog you are reading right now as one of the ways the Extension School is embracing social networking. Well I thought it was pretty funny because although I am about to graduate […]

Lilli writes: An approach to scheduling required courses

I am so glad I completed the requirements first, because I never had to consider not finishing the degree on time because a class wasn’t offered during the term I needed it.

Lilli writes: On-campus v.s. on-line

I will say that the class room experience in the courses I have completed at the Harvard University Extension School were richly rewarding. The professors are brilliant and attentive. The classrooms have every new gizmo to enrich the experience. And I’ll admit I just love sitting in the front row.