Rachel Writes: Hurry Slowly

We are now several weeks into the fall semester. What’s different for me this time is that I have two courses rather than my usual single course, and both courses are online–I have not been in Harvard Yard once yet this semester, though I do plan to visit two of the libraries today.

Even if I could not physically go to the Harvard libraries, I could still access materials there by taking advantage of the “Scan & Deliver” service, which would let me request PDFs of journal articles or book chapters (up to two per day). The library staff scans the material and emails it to patrons. How wonderful is that?

I wonder if any of my fellow distance-learning students use the Scan-&-Deliver service–how do you like it? I know of one friend on the teaching staff who also occasionally teaches abroad and uses the service regularly when she is overseas. It’s a great way to connect to the wonderful Harvard library system when you can’t be there in person.

In July I started a new job; I spent the summer getting acclimatized to my new office and figuring out how I will fit my fall coursework into my daily schedule, which is much busier than previously. Though work is extremely busy, and I was a bit anxious about fitting everything in, I find the course reading and writing  assignments stimulating and fun–a good counterpoint to long, intensely busy, sometimes overwhelming, days in the office.

So if I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I remind myself to “hurry slowly,” and concentrate on savoring the richness of the experience of my instructors (whose lectures are no less riveting online than in person) and of the opportunity for reflection which the independent research affords.

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