Brandon writes: Sabra Grill, “Healthy food for those who care”

When a friend takes you to a new place to eat and that place has exactly the food you love, you know you have a good friend.  Maureen Worth proved this point beautifully when she guided my wife, Mihoko and I to Sabra Grill for dinner one evening in Harvard Square.  Sabra Grill is Middle-Eastern, fresh, healthy food, ready to eat and at a college-student budget price.  As you can see from the tasty photo above, the owner Joseph and his wife Amal have a creative flare and build their warm hearts and smiles right into the food they serve. The couple has been making delicious food since they opened for business 20 years ago. It is a tiny place, and eating at Sabra you will feel you are eating with family, as though you have just pulled up a chair in the kitchen of Joseph and Amal’s house. If you’re in a hurry, you can be in-and-out in minutes, or if you need to relax, pull up a chair to one of a handful of tables in the back and enjoy your food in peace. If you’re lucky, Amal, who’s name beautifully translates as “Hope” in Lebanese, may even sit and join you.

Spring is here, perfect weather for fresh tabouli and homemade lemonade accented with a hint of rose water. Head over to Sabra for some brain fuel and tell them Brandon sent you; my name probably won’t get you a discount but it may get you a tabouli smile for your hummus head, with a grape leaf mustache and bushy falafel eyebrows. Enjoy! 😀

Sabra Grill:
20 Eliot St
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 868-5777

More reviews and a google map to Sabra Grill from

Special thanks to Maureen, who lives up to her name as a friend every day, proving she is “Worth” her weight in gold And hummus!

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