Rachel writes: four of five thesis chapters complete!

I put Chapter 4 of my ALM thesis in the mail to my thesis director last Thursday. I realize that we are officially in the midst of the spring break, but I have doubled down this weekend on my fifth and final chapter, and I plan to complete it by mid-April.

A few years ago when I attended an orientation for the degree program, I learned that the ALM thesis length requirement was a minimum of 50 pages. I recall wondering how I could possibly manage to write that much about any subject. Now that I am actually writing my thesis, I am enjoying the freedom of what is effectively an unrestricted length requirement. In my coursework, I found that I often struggled with keeping my research papers within a length requirement (eg, maximum 10 pages, etc); and I hesitate to confess, I sometimes fudged margins just a bit or shuffled some content to the end-notes in order to get in all that I wanted to say. But none of those papers were more than 25 pages long. My first thesis chapter alone is 46 pages. So far, I have written about 140 pages total. I believe that despite the minimum length requirement, most people submit final theses of between 60-75 pages. I’ve had no complaints or cautions about length per se; therefore I will keep writing to my heart’s content.

My scholalry cats

My two cats (see above) continue to occupy the space around my laptop as far as possible whenever I sit down to work. Somewhere I read that John Milton could not write without a purring cat nearby; however, these two sometimes drive me to the library for a fur-free interlude of writing.

One chapter to go!

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