Sol G. writes, “Harvard at 375”

I hope you were at the parade! The party! The event!


Wow. Well, we’re all shaking the confetti from our hair still, and I have to admit, I’m still cleaning it out of my shoes. The downpour was drenching, the Yard was packed, and the Extension School was well represented! I’m so proud of the people who marched and the people who shouted and the people… well, all of us here at the Extension School. It was a beautiful night. I bailed before the afterparty, but I hear a good time was had by all.


So now that that’s over, what’s next?


Well, I don’t know whether it means I’ll need to start at a different blog or not- I’m hoping to continue here- but I’ve been elected Director of Student Affairs in HESA. I hope to use that to help create a distinct and unified school spirit for us, and a strong sense of student identity. I have to, because I’m so proud of everything being done here. I’m excited about it. More on that as it develops, but I also hope to inspire you to get involved and engaged, to make the most of your student experience by speaking to one another.

Also, you might want to get involved in this project, telling your story for Harvard Stories.  You can contact them directly here. It’s a chance to add your voice to Harvard history, since you really are a part of it. 



  1. Posted October 25, 2011 at 2:03 am | Permalink


    you were awesome at the 375th-
    you were enthusiastic despite the rain and even shunned the parka in the pouring rain!

    I look forward to joining the harvard extension school community and to working with you!


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      It was wonderful. We’re Harvard. We march in the rain! After everything my fellow students do, a little rain is not too much to handle. I was just amazed how many people were there, and how many alumni kept coming up to say how their lives had changed in the Extension School. It was really humbling to be part of.

      I look forward to seeing you again. Drop me a line and we’ll talk about that “joining the Extension School” part!


  2. Alicia
    Posted October 27, 2011 at 9:00 pm | Permalink


    Thank you so much for the blog! It’s been truly helpful. I’ve been interested in Harvard Extension’s pre-med/health program. Is there someone I could talk to currently in the program to get an idea of what it’s been like for them? Or is there another person I could talk to for more information like that?


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