Sol G. Writes, Meet HESA! Also, the Writing Center.


Who is HESA?


HESA is our student organization. That’s right, yours and mine. You may not have realized, when you signed up, that we even had one. You may think of the Extension School as just a loose group of students, all over the world… we meet in classes, but we’re not really part of…


Stop right there.


You’re Harvard.


You may not feel like it, but you signed up. Whether you’re just taking a class to better understand a language, or signed up in an undergraduate program like I am, you’re Harvard. Harvard is made up of multiple organizations, branches, and schools. We are one of them. Its founders really did believe in education, and in greatness, and we are a vital part of Harvard’s lifeblood, because not only are we attending, we’re out in the world already, too, showing that world what we can do. You are not an afterthought, and you are not just out on the educational fringe. You, yes, you- you’re Harvard.


And nobody understands that better than our student organization. They have a website. They organize events so that we can meet each other. They are students, like us; they are earnest about making our lives as students more interesting in good ways. They also welcome ideas, so (since this is your school!) please speak up and contact them if there’s an aspect of student life that you feel needs exploring.

Now, I know I say this every year. i’m a broken record when it comes to this, forgive me. I can’t help it. But if you haven’t started making your writing center appointments, do it now, because assignments are coming due already and they really can help you. The more help you get now, the more your writing improves, and this means that by the end of the term, your term papers will be kicking staples and taking names. (Why, yes! Here’s that link!)

There’s one other Harvard resource that I’d like to recommend. That’s “time.”


There are a lot of people willing to offer theirs. Students, teachers, chaplains, advisors. This campus and this community are full of people who would love to talk to you about issues you have with class, adjusting to student life, pretty much anything that you need. Even here, on the blog, we welcome your comments. They matter. YOU matter. So don’t be shy- there’s pretty much help out there for any random emergency or event that you need help on, whether it’s math tutoring in the math center for your Algebra homework, or a listening ear at the chaplaincy. (Yes, atheists, there is a Humanist chaplain, and he’s wonderful.)

On a personal note- AUTUMN! It’s cold! It’s perfect! Those of you lucky enough to be here in Boston, I hope you’re ready to enjoy the change of seasons. I love the way the leaves smell as they turn. I’m having a wonderful time in class, and have met an astonishing number of fabulously creative people on the online bulletin boards. We have students from all over the world; I’m constantly amazed by the variety in our classes.

For me, autumn means more walking, because I love to look at the foliage. It means less light, and I fill my apartment with lamps to make up the difference. It means the kitten huddles up to me when sleeping, and it means that reading outside is one of my favourite things. For some reason, reading outside in the fall is just more fun for me. Maybe it’s just my body trying to soak up all the last fun it can before winter comes, I don’t know.

Got any favourite fall activities? A lot of folks are new to Boston, so let’s hear some ideas for things to explore!


  1. Charlie Mason
    Posted September 21, 2011 at 5:35 am | Permalink

    Wow! You are so right! This is an awesome time of year and there are so many opportunities all around us. There ARE lots of people willing to help. It reminds me of a quote, “You are blessed when you become a blessing to others.” Once again, thanks.

    • Parul
      Posted November 1, 2011 at 7:35 pm | Permalink

      Well said Charlie 🙂
      Thanks Sol for enlightening us. It was a great read.


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