Sol writes: Ways to Give

If you’ve been attending classes on campus, odds are, you’ve seen the bins.

The spring food and clothing drives are on! Check here for a list of ways to help, and where the bins are. To make sure that they collect what’s needed most, the food drive asked for a different type of food each month.  It’s on till the 15th of April, and they’re now taking any kind of nonperishable food. So check your cupboard, and drop something in the bin. Remember- it’s destined for someone’s plate. The need is there.

On that page you’ll also see information about the clothing drive, too. Spring is a great time to look through your wardrobe, and share some gently-used older styles with people who need them!

You can pick up new items to replenish your own wardrobe all around Harvard Square. If you’re looking for other people’s gently-worn (think, “vintage”) clothing, Second Time Around is a good spot, located on Charles St.

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