Rachel writes: Spring ahead

My spring semester course began on Wednesday Jan 27. Most of my courses so far (I am about halfway through the coursework for the master’s degree) have been seminars and thus have been relatively small—and no teaching assistants.  This spring’s course has about 80 students enrolled, 3 TAs, one research assistant, and one instructor. This arrangement will be an adjustment, because I prefer a more personal connection to the entire proceeding. And I don’t relish the notion of a third party, about whom I know nothing, being responsible for grading my papers. We’ll see how it goes.

I was delighted to see two friends from last semester’s course in this one. We over-achievers staked out three seats in the front row of the lecture hall.

A third friend presented me with a  tiny tape recorder and asked me to record the lectures for her, so I had to quickly cast off my technophobia and learn which buttons to push. It worked like a charm, but I could not immediately figure out how to turn the recorder off.

I work full-time, and my office is extremely busy now—the work schedule can be very draining. But I find the course reading, lectures, writing, and class meetings stimulating and energizing, and I anticipate a fun and engaging  semester.

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