Rachel writes: For pomp-expecting eyes

“For pomp-expecting eyes”–title of my final research paper for this semester’s seminar, taken from a subtitle of a medieval travel narrative. . .don’t expect much pomp here today, however, as I just finished the paper and submitted by email at 11:45 AM (the deadline was 4PM). I took a day off work (accrued holiday time) to finish up. After some quick tidying, an initial trip to library to return the first batch of books, I find myself feeling rather exhausted.

There is always a point, shortly after the middle of the semester, when I think I may never write a final paper–that I have nothing to say, that someone else has already said it, or that I will never be able to find the time to do all the work that is required to produce a paper that makes any sense at all. But somehow, after many drafts and rewritings, and many shooings-off of my two cats, who continually try to jump on me or my laptop while I’m writing–voila: a completed research paper.

Maybe lots of you are exhausted, too, as you wind up your semester’s projects. I hope everyone has a relaxing break–we deserve it! I plan on catching up on reading and socializing and look forward to Spring 2010.

See you after the break when the semester starts, Jan 25–happy holidays!

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