Rachel writes: Who knew?

Who knew that a quick tidy-up, in honor of Thanksgiving, would actually help clear the air and the mind? I use my kitchen table as a desk most of the time–around this point in a semester, it is so piled with books and papers, arranged in “piler” order (as opposed to “filer”). . . long story short, I was obliged to clear off the table for the holiday meal: Voila, a side-effect was the clearing of my mind, which has helped me to organize my thoughts and press on with my final research paper with a bit more clarity. I went so far as to tidy the bathroom and the living room, which I had despaired of accomplishing for weeks to come. Not a thoroughgoing affair–just enough to give one the sense of having regrouped a bit. I wonder if anyone else has a secret coping mechanism for this time of the semester, when effort and concentration are so essential?

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    what a great way to influence your mood by changing (cleaning) the environment around you. Maybe that’s why owls look so peaceful. Bad animal example, sorry.

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