Lilli writes: Final Project is interesting and hopefully legal

If you read my last update, you know I am working on a GIS project about the Emergency Planning Zone for the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant.  I think it is possible that I may be the reason that Seabrook tested its alarm system today, which is the second test it has performed in about 30 years!  Check out my recording of the alarm… forewarned it is loud….never mind wordpress won’t let me upload a .wav file for security reasons…if you are interested I am happy to email it directly to you.  I was told by a classmate last week that I am probably red-flagged for researching this subject and am probably considered a social engineer by security experts for writing many emails like this (Professor Bradner would be so proud!):

“ Hello, I am working on a school project for Geographic Information Systems and have attached an aspect of my project, which shows and analyzes the locations of the 121 sirens for the Seabrook EPZ. I have been driving around recording the locations since they are in plain view alongside roadways. By driving on every road in part in this area I have found 27 sirens, which I have determined lat and long using google earth and then added their XY coordinates to ArcMap. Once in ArcMap I have placed a .7 mile buffer around each point to pin point areas where I might be successful in finding the next point thus lowering the number of roads to check. Eventually, I will use the unbuffered areas to show potential areas that the sirens cannot be heard.

Can you help point me in the right direction? I was hoping you could provide me with the location for the sirens I cannot find in Seabrook. I have found 2 sirens, SB07 located on Route 1 and SB06 located on Route 107 near Master McGraths. I know there is one on Route 1A that is visible from Brown’s parking lot, I just don’t know its name. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you! Lilli Gilligan”

I am really obsessed about finding these sirens now because my interest is peaked due to the unwillingness of the following organizations to share this information: the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Seabrook Power Plant, Florida Power and Light who own Seabrook, FEMA, E911, and the Department of Homeland Security.  Why the unwillingness?  They are sirens alongside the roadways where I live!  I have just sent emails to many of the Police Departments in this area and am keeping my fingers crossed, since although driving around for this info is fun it is very time consuming. And the semester is nearing an end.  Hopefully I will be able to collect all the data points needed for a thorough analysis for my last project.

I probably should have picked a topic about the expansion of WalMart or Starbucks over the last 20 years, but this just seemed so much more compelling to me.  I hope I don’t get into trouble……. find3and9part2

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    Go Lilli!!! That’s awesome your research got them conducting siren tests. Not one, but TWO in over 30 years LOL. Hope you get the remaining data on the siren locations.

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