Lilli writes: Mid-Semester Status Report

Procrastination can take many forms… the house, working out, making dinner, writing your blog…….

Sorry for missing you the last few weeks.  It was necessary for my success in taking my last exam and developing my final “Final Project” idea to avoid any form of procrastination available to me.  As you can see from my definition of procrastination that not only have I avoided writing to this blog, but I have eaten a lot of take out, gained a million pounds from my dedication to the mind as opposed to the body, and let the house chores fall by the wayside.

I am happy to report that I have completed the exam although not the perfect score I was hoping for, but I do have an excuse for that.  The exam was required to be done on the computers in our class room at the Computer Center.  And as luck would have it, my computer and my computer only crashed!  I lost 15 minutes to this event.  The professor didn’t think it was a big deal.  She commented that I should be more concerned about learning than getting a perfect score.  “You are too focused on the score,” she said!  At this stage of the game I let the comment slide, whereas in semesters past I would have obsessed about it.  I guess I am mellowing in my last semester.

As for my project idea, I have decided on a project that will probably land me on the FBI watch-list because I have been combing the Internet for information about the nuclear power plant in my area.  I plan on determining the traffic bottlenecks and best escape routes during a nuclear event at this facility.  I live within the 10 mile Emergency Planning Zone so we are sent information annually.  The information is a set of maps showing where buses will pick you up.  I always thought, “You are kidding right?  If the nuclear plant experiences a leak I am not waiting around for a bus.  I plan on hopping in my car and speeding out of here.”  So in the next 7 weeks I will determine the perfect escape plan.  Hopefully, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority doesn’t track me down before I am able to present my GIS Project.

Exeter Escape Routes on Buses

Exeter Escape Routes on Buses

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    HAHAH, wait for the bus! Yeah, that will work about as well as it did in Mississippi! Your plan is much better; next best thing to moving your home or building your own fall out shelter 😀

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