Rachel writes: Missing a class meeting

This semester, I must miss one class meeting (next Monday) because of travel on family business. I knew from the outset that I would have to miss this date, so I was able to plan around it and let the instructor know ahead of time. I submitted my weekly essay in advance and will need to prepare the next one on the road (so to speak), due two days after I return from overseas. I am glad for laptops, which are great organizing tools: Everything is at one’s fingertips, even the Harvard Library electronic resources (I may sound as though I am just discovering that to be true. . . I think that’s an accurate assessment). If you find yourself in this position, please be sure and email yourself your library PIN–Harvard Library PINs are next to impossible to remember.

I will miss the class meeting, in both senses of the word “miss.” I am fond of the group, and the discussions mean a lot to me. At the last meeting, someone else was absent, but that was the first instance of an absence among the group since the semester began. I wonder what made it necessary for her to miss a class meeting.

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